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here’s a screenshot of my attempt to create a backup on a network share on my mac, where i’m running the roon client.

In your screenshot of Roon’s “Add network share” screen, you do not appear to have entered the user credentials that are needed to access the shared folder on the Mac. I believe that you also need to turn Windows File Sharing on on your Mac.

The steps that you need to follow in order to add a network shared folder for Backup are the same as outlined in this article for adding a network shared folder for a Watched Folder:

thanks, but that was one of the things i tried earlier. as you can see, it gives a different error:

Well it would, because you only referenced the Mac in the network path - you didn’t add the name of the shared folder…

thanks - actually, there were two errors: as you point out, it was necessary to add the name of the shared folder. the instruction that a specified directory will be ignored is ambiguous. and second, the share preference window on the mac offers conflicting advice about how share access: in my case, both smb://stevans-mac-mini.local (doesn’t work) and smb://stevans-mini (does work).

combining everything on this thread gives me a solution - thanks once again.

No, I don’t think it is. It states:

You can specify a directory in the share location, but it will be ignored.

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