Unable to delete duplicates in my Roon library

In the last week or so for some reason my Roon library has doubled then tripled and not with new music just doubles and triples of what I already have in my library. I try to delete the double and triples in the normal method but I keep getting the message in the screen shot.

Hi Neil,

Fellow user here. I would suggest investigating why you are getting these duplicates before deleting. If the “dups” are due to overlapping storage setups, than you really one have 1.

If you could post a screen pic of your Roon Storage locations that would help. Also, take 1 track which has duplicates and look under File Info for each track and copy the File path for each to a notepad. Then compare where they are the same/different. This might also give you clues what is causing this.

Error Permission denied means user cannot write into a folder. See if you can use command line and change permissions. Solution depends on the operating system you are using. Sometimes, simple reboot solves the problem.

Hi @Neil_Perryman,

Please accept my apologies on behalf of the team for the extreme wait time you’ve endured for a staff response to this issue.

A quick look at diagnostics for your account suggests your library is stored locally on this Core, and not in an external or network-shared storage device. I’m assuming your local storage is a folder on the Core from which you submitted your initial screenshot?

If you’re still experiencing issues with duplicates in your library, please let us know, and we’ll be watching for your response. Please include a screenshot of your Roon Storage locations or Watched Folders to expedite our investigation.

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