Unable to delete playlist

I am getting an unable to delete playlist error. It then says confirm you have permission to modify the file and try again.

How do I fix this? Where are the playlists stored?

I tried to make my database folder not read only in windows explorer but then it immediately makes it read only again later on.

Hi @Wanderer46,

What kind of tracks does the playlist contain? Only local tracks or does it contain a mix of local/streaming content? Can you share a screenshot of the error?

The ones that I cannot delete seem to be auto generated from roon. I did not create them. Here is the screen:


Hi @Wanderer46,

I don’t believe that’s a Roon playlist, it looks like it could be a local playlist or a TIDAL/Qobuz playlist instead. Can you go to your Playlist browser and share a screenshot of that tab with this playlist visible and also a screenshot of what you see when you open the playlist?

I think you solved my problem! These are local m3u files that are set to read only. I took them off read only and deleted them within roon without issue.

Is there a setting where I can set roon to not important local playlists?

Actually I just did an extension search for all m3u files in my audio library and deleted them all and they were all removed from roon automatically, yay.

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Hi @Wanderer46,

Glad to hear the hint helped resolve the issue!

For future reference, you can turn off playlist importing in Roon Settings -> Storage, see:

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