Unable to Detect Rose 150B Streamer on Nuc1 (ref#BWMWK5)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble with my DAC, speakers, streamer, etc.

What best describes the issue with your audio device?

· My device has never shown up in Settings > Audio

Describe the issue

Just got Nuc1 , system was working fine with my Mac and iPad . Got the Nuc connected but it cannot find my Rose 150b streamer. It only shows HDMI connection

Describe your network setup

Network router was same as before and always worked . Got the Nuc1 to take my Mac off the Roon and now it cannot find my streamer (rose150b)

How is the Rose 150B connected to your Nucleus One, over the network via an Ethernet connection or directly via one of the 150B’s inputs, and if so, which input?

Its connected Via ethernet , I am able to use Spotify on the rose, but only the HDMI option appears on the connected to Roon Server, I cannot find the rose

And is the Rose connected directly to the Nucleus One with an Ethernet cable, or are the Nucleus One and Rose connected to your network directly to the router or a switch (each individually that is)? I don’t have a Rose, but is there a setting that needs to be set to activate Roon Readiness over its network connection?

The rose and nucleus and directly connected to the router via ethernet cable

Hi @rayrassouli,

Thanks for writing in! it looks like you’ve reverted back to your Mac to run Roon Server. If you could, please deauthorize the Mac and re-set up your Nucleus with the Rose, and give both a hard reboot to both devices, leaving them unplugged for a few minutes before rebooting.

How were you using Spotify in this setup?

Can you test out using different cables / different ports?

Let me know when you’ve attempted to reconnect the Rose and we’ll enable Nucleus diagnostics to take a closer look. :+1:

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I have erased Roon on my Mac and downloaded a new Roon on iPad. The I have Nuc1 connected to my ethernet router and tried all the ports . The Roon app finds my Mac which is wireless, but does not find the Nucleus , at this point I have tried every connection and booted the nucleus several times. My iPad still cannot find Roon. All the ethernet are connected to the same router and others work fine except the Nuc. The Rose can be found on my iPad using the rose app but with Roon or the Nucleus.

@rayrassouli, it appears your Mac is still running Roon Server. Have you stopped Roon Server on your Mac and re-authorized your Nucleus One?

No its not , I have it disconnected from Mac, I erased the app but after trying with my Ipad I thought I could re-install the app on my mac and try it that way. I have disconnected the app and when I hit the roon Icon it asks me select a core. but the Nuc never appears on the list only the Mac does . If I sign in it will load and work pefectly and find the rose on my Mac but it does not find Nuc on the Ipad or the Mac .

I got a new modem /router today . The Nuc appears on the list but does not connect . both Nuc and Mac appear on the list . when I try configure Roon OS on network it wont do anything and screen goes blank ., I have playing with this for 3 days and no luck . Could possibly I have a bad nucleus.? I am very frustrated and have tried all the methods . all my other equipment seems to recognize and work fine. It searches for Roon OS server forever , Please help me figure this out . I think the NUC is bad at this point

Hi @rayrassouli,

It looks like your Nucleus hasn’t been online or reached our servers in a few days. As a next step, could you please plug the Nuclues into a monitor via HDMI (while still connected to the router), power it up and share a screenshot of what you see?

I realize this is a tedious ask, but it will often tell us if there’s any issue with the machine itself. :+1:

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I have it connected now , with HDMI to my Tv and network cable ( which I checked and working ) into the NUC , nothing appears on my TV and it does not recognize anything is working . My Tv says waiting for input

The Roon Nuc does not respond when connected to HDMI , I connected the network cable and my Tv responds with no Input . I tried to turn the NUc on and off while on HDMI and nothing happens . It is like nothing is connected to the HDMI and TV does not receive signal . I am going on 4 days of tinkering with this device. I am kinda defeated and this device has been anything but plug and play. I am sure at this point the NUC is defective . Please advise on what I should do next.

Hi @rayrassouli,

Thanks for giving that a try.

Are you able to share a screenshot in regards to the Nucleus appearing on your router device list?

Thanks for giving that a try as well. We still can’t confirm any hardware-related issues, but you can certainly get the process of returning the Nucleus started while we button up a few more troubleshooting items. You can do so via the link here:


Thank you :pray:

Can you PlEASE send me return label to send this item back. I’m through with the troubleshooting and back and forth emails. This has been the worse audio purchase I have experienced and I don’t want any more troubleshoot advice . I am a member of many audio forums on Facebook and Instagram and have received very poor reviews of the quality of this component and service.With this experience it verified all those .I will also follow up on these forums with my own personal experience and I will dispute my credit card charge on this device as I have received a faulty product with very minimal product support . I hope I don’t have to pay a shipping return charge on this .

Hi @rayrassouli,

Sorry to hear you’re not happy with your experience so far.

Technical Support doesn’t handle anything related to sales or the sales process. It doesn’t look like you accessed the link I’ve shared in my prior reply, so I’ve shared your information with the proper department, who should be in touch with next steps on the return process. You can also get the process started yourself by logging into your Roon account via the store here:

That said, we’re still unable to verify any issues tied to the Nucleus itself as there’s still requested information missing.

I’ll leave this thread open for now in case you’d like to continue to troubleshoot your issue, as it’s likely network-related issues blocking you from connecting to the device.

In the case that you would like to take another stab at troubleshooting things, we’ll want a set of Roon Server logs from the Nucleus, which you can use the directions found here and send over a set of logs to our File Uploader.

Note that the Nucleus ideally would be powered on and connected to your network for this process. :+1:

I opened the file with instructions but apparently you will need to be a network expert or computer whiz to do all the stuff your requesting. The NUC said it was a plug and play item and required no network knowledge . I have never had to do this with any of my audio equipment . Please send me a return label .

Hi @rayrassouli,

If the sales team has not reached out yet, please check your spam folder, or alternatively, please get the process started yourself by logging into your Roon account via the store here:


I’ll go ahead and close this thread for now, as you’re no longer interested in troubleshooting. Feel free to ping me directly if that changes. :pray: