Unable to display full album tracks on ARC

Following this, I’m surprised no one mentioned how this solution only works when there are more than one version of a given album.

Example here where several versions of this album exist and the solution works :

Here is where it doesn’t and you can’t play the songs :

In Roon remote this is not an issue :

Any way you could fix this ? Arc has been great for music on the go but this is a deal breaker.

Welcome to the Roon community, @musique_geniale.

It’s not entirely clear to me what the issue is. If I view an album with one version in ARC, I can see all the tracks. Likewise, it is the same for albums with multiple versions.

So, I’m thinking that maybe you marked a single track as favourite :heart: in TIDAL, which is why only one track is listed. I’ll attempt to replicate, and post later… or possibly tomorrow.

Hey @Martin_Webster ,
Let’s say you’re listening to a song that is from an album that is not in your library yet, you right click and add to library. When you go back to that album on ARC, it will only display that track out of the whole album.
As you can see in the last screenshot, you can click view complete album on the remote app but have no way to do so in ARC.

So that would be a feature suggestion for Arc right now.
Please remember that Arc is still in it’s early stages and I assume will go through quite some changes in short timeframe.

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As @AceRimmer says, this feature isn’t implemented in ARC. That may change, but for now, you’ll have to add the whole album using Roon Remote.

Is there a page where we can request or check feature suggestions status?

i tend to disagree with it being a feature suggestion.

For me, and I suppose for most, being able to add a whole album into ARC is like a really fundamental thing. And having added for instance just one song from an album, makes the rest of that album invisible in ARC. This is either something that has been overlooked, forgotten and/or a bug.


You can make #feedback:feature-suggestions by creating a new post the category.

Or not prioritized, so #feedback:feature-suggestions inform Roon that this is a priority for (some) users.

Roon primarily works with releases, and I reckon most users add releases, too, which is linked why it doesn’t feature in ARC.

Since we manage our library in Roon, nit ARC, that’s how the entire album may be added.

Seriously? So you visualize the “logical” process as this: you are out and listening to ARC, and stumple across a great song - you add it to the library. After listening you want to hear more from that album, but you simply cannot do that in ARC. Then you have to make a note to remember to look that album up when you get home, and can use the Roon app. Really? I have so much faith in the Roon people, that I simple cannot believe that this is by intention, thereby not a feature request…

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Believe what you like. The way to communicate your thoughts about features is through #feedback:feature-suggestions.