Unable to do album identification

Recently Roon stopped identify new albums for me. I bought some CDs by the Police and Eminem (so nothing too obscure) but Roon doesn’t identify anything for me anymore. I think it just doesn’t connect to the metadata server.

I’m running core on a QNAP NAS installed through the package by @crieke.

Could someone know how to debug this mystery?

When you display one of those albums and click on the identify button, does it give you any results (even though they are not the correct matches)?

Nope. No results show up at all for either artists.

But it has worked before? Has anything changed in your setup since it does not work anymore?

It still worked fine on the 18th of October when I imported a new album. It stopped work on the 21st of October.

I will try and restart the Roon server, but wondered if there would be any logs.

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Somehow restarting the server seems to have solved the problem. Would still like to understand better why it stopped working in the first place.

Can’t say for sure. Do you know, if your QNAP was able to access the Internet (in the time when RoonServer couldn’t)?
It seems as RoonServer had no connection to the Internet. There are a variety of possible triggers. It could have been caused by the QNAP, your router/network switches, RoonServer itself, or even by your internet service provider.

The only thing I did was restart the RoonServer. The QNAP wasn’t reset.