Unable to download ROCK image

Just recieved my NUC to build a new Roon core on ROCK, bus as I am going through the install guide

The link to download the image, just opens a tab and closes again, no file is downloaded.

Has anyone got any thoughts, I suspect just a broken link.


I tested after I read your comment I had the same issue. I right clicked and chose open in a new tab, and the download started. There must be an issue with the site, on how it is handling the link. The file is still there if you do the above

Bingo! Cheers for the tip.

Good Luck on the NUC build, I did it a few weeks back, and am pleased with the decision.

Sorry for the trouble here! I fixed the link so this shouldn’t be a problem moving forward.

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NUC built and Rock running, now just need to migrate my library.

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Don’t forget to setup your backups

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All over it

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