Unable to Exclude Sub-Folder from Roon Scanning (ref#AD8SDJ)

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I want to exclude a sub-folder from being scanned by roon. All what I tried with using the “ignored paths” failed.
Storage path is /music/High Quality
It tried the following patterns (BTW notation not extactly documented).
/music/High Quality/Ignore/
‘/music/High Quality/Ignore/’
“/music/High Quality/Ignore/”
/music/High\ Quality/Ignore/
‘/music/High\ Quality/Ignore/’
“/music/High\ Quality/Ignore/”

Always written like e.g. /tmp/; /temp/; /.; .pmbmf/; /music/High\ Quality/Ignore/

The sub-folder Ignore is always scanned by roon no matter if files are added or deleted here. I used the roon iPad client to change “ignored paths”.
What am I doing wrong here?

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Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

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Synology DSM7.1

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Have you tried ignoring just the folder, Ignore/?

Thanks Martin for this workaround! Just tried it and it works.
Since “Ignore” is only an example it may be a bit dangerous because roon may find and exclude equally named sub-folders somewhere else as well. Do you see a solution with using absolute paths?
Thanks again

If you want to use absolute paths, or use spaces, do this.

path to/ignored/folder/
folder with space/

Oh, I guess some characters in your answer were transformed into some text format…
How is it in raw text?
Or I missed something. Simply using spaces in plain text doesn’t work in my case as shown in the list of my tries :thinking:

All I can say, is that this works with a Linux core. But note I didn’t use the leading /.

Incidentally, no characters were transformed since I used the preformatted text option in the forum editor when posting.

Thanks for your quick response.
Just tested this with music/High Quality/Ignore/, but roon instantly grabbed the files in this directory.
Can you confirm that your approach also works using an iPad to make the “ignored paths” change?

The path is relative to the storage location, not root (/) on the file system. This works for me; control device shouldn’t make any difference. Nonetheless, I have tested using Roon for Windows and Android.

What device is your server running on?

Ah, the paths to be ignored are always to be set as relative to (all) the configured roon storage folder(s), not starting with the storage’s root path?
Okay, then, how are the default ingored paths to be interpreted? These are defined as
/tmp/; /temp/; /.; .pmbmf/
Assuming a roon storage folder “/roon/music”, how to read the default ignored paths?
Not yet fully understood :thinking:
My roon server runs on a Synology NAS with DSM 7.1

Thanks again

I’m guessing the defauls only apply when the watch folder is root (/).

I don’t think that absolute paths apply here. Isn’t the content of this field simply regex expressions?

Good question. But there are different notations for regular expressions. And no regular customer knows what regular expressions actually are :wink:. There should be at least one person at roon labs who knows the facts :slightly_smiling_face:. roon documentation/help should be a little bit more concrete about this :wink:
Would be great :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it says: “Paths matching these patterns will be ignored”. Not sure what more you need to know?

Very simple… what does “matching these patterns” actually mean? :slightly_smiling_face: In case you bring regular expressions into the game where is the concrete notation? There’s not only one. If roon labs actually use something like regexp. In any case, I’d like to know how to use “ignored paths” exactly, just the facts, no guessing. That’s all :wink:

So look at the filepaths that you want to ignore - choose the top folder(s) for each of the ignored paths and then use:

\xxx\;\yyy\;\zzz\ and so on…

Edit: apologies - I used forward slashes first of all - they should be backslashes of course…

Relative to roon storage folders or absolute from storage root? Prefix “/” doesn’t work for me :wink:

Neither - it’s a pattern chunk within the Watched Folder…

OK, let’s do this. Here’s my current stats:

Now let’s ignore everything that’s in the \Purchases\ folder in my Watched Folder…

Well, what do you know - Roon has ignored all the albums that live below my \Purchases\ folder…

“Within the watched folder” would mean not “higher” than the/all watched folder(s).
Given a storage root / and a watched folder /music/High Quality
Then, Ignore/ works, /Ignore or /Ignore/ does not work.
Next question. Would the first one match any “Ignore” sub-folders within the watched folder or, as intended, only music/High Quality/Ignore?

Sorry, but I thought that you said \Ignore\ did work? And AFAIK, it’s pattern matching - so I thought that all folders that are named \Ignore\ in the Watched Folder will have their contents ignored…

Just tried this for myself - I actually have two \Purchases\ folders in my hierarchy, and it looks as though the pattern matching stops with with first match, so I’ve just added a second \Purchases\ to the ignore field, and voilá: