Unable to Export Songs in Excel

Core Machine
Windows 10, HP Laptop, i5, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB SSD

Network Details


Audio Devices

Connected to Yamaha RX 4VA

Library Size
18K Songs

Description of Issue

Unable to export song list in excel. Have tried shutting down system, restarting, different albums, different artists, everything.

Hello @Lubin_Arora,

Thank you very much for letting us know of the error you’re running into. We’d love to help.

Would you mind confirming that the tracks you’re trying to export are in your library? As things stand now, only items in your Roon library can be exported. The important thing to note is that the track has to be added to your library before it is added to the playlists to be able to export it.

In other words, simply adding to library a track already in your playlist will not help. This is because the version in your playlist, is still the one not-added-to-your library.

We explain this in more depth here:

Also, is this error coming up when trying to export any playlist or just a particular one? Could you please try creating a test playlist with just tracks in your library. Can you export that?

Hi @beka, thanks for getting back to me.

I can confirm that these songs are in my library. I was using this functionality all the time and since one day (not sure if updated the program on that day) it has stopped exporting songs in excel.

Where are you trying to save the Excel file to? Is the location still valid?

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Thanks for the great question @Geoff_Coupe!

Also, @Lubin_Arora, is the Excel file generated? If so, are there any entries?

Hi @beka the location is still valid.

Also, the excel file does not generate. please see the initial screenshot. i am getting the same error.

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Please can you state the filepath? Thanks.

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Its default. Desktop.

Then I’m afraid it must be something to do with permission settings in your Windows 10 setup - I have no problems in exporting song lists in Excel to the Desktop on all my systems here…