Unable to find Swedish Public Service broadcasting stations

Hi guys, just tried to add P1, P2, and P3 from Sveriges Radio in Live Radio, but i wasn’t able to find them?
However, all of the local P4 stations from all over Sweden was readily available?
Anyway, Swedens Public service radio channels can be found here:

The direct links:

They’re there. Either Liveradio > locations > Sweden or search for P1 etc directly or use keyword sverigesradio

OK, i’ll look again, but they do NOT show up under Sweden when browsing. Neither do they show up “within” 500km from me, but most of the Norwegian and Danish Public radio does.
(All of the local P4 stations does though…)

This is what i see when limiting the radius to 250km within my location:

I did find them in the end when Filtering on Swedish rather than location:

Can you refer me to an explanation where “keywords” are explained in this context?
I did search for “Sveriges Radio” and “Sveriges Radio P1” but there were no matches on the stations i wanted?

Sorry @Mikael_Ollars, for some reason Roon had shifted Stockholm 1000 miles to the East for some stations. I’ve moved them back to Sweden so your local ones should show up now for you.


Keywords - they’re to help categorise a station when genres or locations etc are not specific enough. Just type them into the magnifying glass search. And the keyword to use here is sverigesradio - one word, not two.

I do note that combining keyword and station name sverigesradio p1 does not work - informing @dylan.

So i noticed, but “keywords” in this context seems less than useful unless you know them beforehand?! :wink:
(Or the search needs to be less firm on matching)

Anyway, thanks!

Ohh, Putin hasn’t claimed us yet, what i know? :smiley:

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I agree.

Maybe search could ask you/offer a button to extend the range when no/few hits are found?

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