Unable to find tracks

Hi. I have a couple of tracks, downloaded originally as video (modular jams) and converted to mp3 and then stored on my NAS (and added to Roon server library). Following the above, these appear to be impossible for me to listen to, since they do not appear in any search results. Actually rather irritated that it should be so d*%n difficult/impossible for the best state-of-the-art paid-for music player on the market to let me just show and let me play these tracks. Really had looked forward to listen to these on Roon+HQP tonight but it just ends with me wanting to take my computer and throw it out the window. If this even works somehow, why does it require a degree in quantum mechanics? Is the solution to use Winamp 3.1 instead?

PS have tried using the focus/inspector suggestions. No use, doesnt help in this case.

PS2 i’ll keep dreaming of folder-view, but i know i am an old loser living in the past and that this simple solution will remain a dream only.

PS3 sorry if i offend/upset/annoy anybody, if so please kick and block me forever, i dont care. Just wanna listen to music, not write posts like this.

Did you add any metadata to the files when you converted them? If not, Roon will not know much about these files.

You could use the following Focus filter to narrow things down. Then tag or add edit the ‘albums’ to provide additional information, so you can find them in search.

Thanks, appreciated! I’ll try that suggestion. And no i have not added any metadata (ever, to any file, actually).

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