Unable to get any remote to connect to Roon Core

Hi @support,

I am familiar with Roon having set it up before, but with this setup I am unable to get any remote to connect to my core.

The core is on a win10 PC. I have the 192.168 etc address for that PC… and am using FING on my mobile to ‘see’ all devices on my network.

But whether I have the PC connected to the route wirelessly or wired, neither of the two phones I have tried to use as the remote, will pick up the PC core connection. The core is definitely set to accept remotes (in settings) and the phones are both failing to connect automatically and when I scan for a specific address on the HELP page on the remote.

So… somewhere, something must be blocking the remotes. Can you please help me to find it? NB I am NOT an expert in routers and ports!

Thank you

Hi Pete, try disabling any firewall and see if that makes a difference.

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Hi @Peter3423 ----- Touching base to see if any progress has been made with the advice given by @andybob. Let me know and if further assistance is required I will be glad to help continue troubleshooting.

Many thanks!