Unable to import or copy from local drive

Very confused. I’ve tried every possible way of setting the Watched and Organized Folders, but Roon is not detecting the 600 GB of flac files in a local drive. I even tried drag-dropping the entire folder into Roon interface. I tried a single album folder. I tried removing special characters in a folder name. Nothing. Nothing works.

For what it’s worth, I’m running Windows 2012 R2, which I know isn’t technically supported, but everything else (namely Tidal) works so I assume it’s not a platform issue. There’s nothing unique about the local drive. It’s a 4 GB NTFS drive. Other music software (e.g. J River) has had no problem detecting/importing these files. The files were ripped using dBpoweramp at the default flac compression setting of 5.

Hello @majnun70, this behavior is weird, let’s get some more info from you. Can you tell more about your setup, do you use Remote? Can you also describe, in details, how did you add the watched/organized folders? I also want to inspect your log files.I’ll send you a PM with detailed instructions of how to grab them.

The Core is running on a Windows 2012 machine, and Remote access on a Mac Mini. I think the problem is that I initially installed (and ran as Core) on a iMac with no local files (just Tidal, which imported 838 albums from my pre-existing Tidal account). Subsequently, I installed Core on a Mac Mini (with no local files) and it retained the same Tidal-filled library of 838 albums. Finally, I installed Core on Windows 2012 with local files (on a 4 TB NTFS drive), which, again retained the 838 albums, but not the 25000+ flac files on the local drive.

The odd thing is that when the Import circle spins, the dialog box that appears when you click on it shows that it does recognize that there are 25000+ files, but fails to identify or import them into the library.

As for the Watched folder procedure, I go to Settings --> Storage --> Add Folder and then navigate to the local drive. For what it’s worth, the 4 TB drive is secondary to a 128 GB SSD drive, which holds the OS files.

@majnun70 Your logs indicate that you may be missing some required audio components in Windows (probably because of 2012).

Try installing the package recommended in this post, and let us know how it goes. Several people seem to be using Windows 2012 successfully once they install that package + ensure that they have OpenGL 3.0 graphics drivers.

Thanks, that works. It sort of defeats the purpose of using 2012 as an audio platform to enable such a package and its accompanying bloat, but it definitely allows Roon to work.

Roon uses Windows Media Foundation both for talking to WASAPI drivers and for supporting some file formats. Our suspicion is that Microsoft removes this package from server versions of windows to avoid CODEC licensing costs.

If you know of a lighter weight way to get just the Media Foundation bits without the other junk, we’re all ears–we don’t get much input into Microsoft’s packaging decisions :smile: