Unable to Import Playlists (ref#LMMW3B)

What’s happening?

· Something else

How can we help?

· I'm having trouble adding music to my library

Describe the issue

I'm not able to import playlists

Describe your network setup

Asus router, Motorola modem,

The way to “import” playlists is to put them in a location in your local music folder and do so in a format where the paths remain true to Roon’s perspective of your paths.

Can you share more about where you are placing these playlists and a little bit of an example of their internal format?

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As is always the case, users here on this forum guided me through the whole procedure a few months ago - especially with regards to the required format etc of Playlists.

If it would be of any use, I can gladly send you an RTF (or .md if you use an app like Obsidian) file with a summary of what has since always worked for me together with a Numbers example document with the columns as Roon expects them.

This page might also help…

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