Unable to Import Restored Apple Music Playlists into Roon (ref#TPEOPR)

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After it was inadvertently deleted by Apple support, my Apple Music library was restored from backup. The playlists, however, were deleted, and Apple support couldn’t restore them. I eventually restored them by exporting them individually from an old computer onto a hard drive and then dropping them into Apple Music. I’d like to transfer them to Roon, but Roon is not importing them and they are not in the file that Roon expects them to be in. Is there a way for me to transfer them to Roon? Thank you.

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I don’t know them.

Hi @garydunn.nyc,

How are you attempting to import these Apple Music playlists into Roon? If you haven’t seen this article or similar information on Roon Community about .XML imports from iTunes/Apple Music, I’d start there:

Do you have the .XML files for these playlists available? If not, you’ll first have to export them from Apple Music. Within that app (not Roon), do this, select a playlist in the sidebar, choose File > Library > Export Playlist, then click the Format pop-up menu and choose XML.

Let us know if that helps or if you’ve already attempted the above steps to no avail. Thanks!

What do I do after that?

Ok, but how do I import those .XML files into Roon? Does this mean that Roon won’t monitor playlists for new music? If so, how do I add music to Roon playlists? Thank you.

After you’ve added these .XML locations to a folder monitored by Roon in your Watched Folders, then Roon should see them automatically. Please share a screenshot of your Storage Location settings dialog window within Roon if you’re still having trouble after that step.

The Importing Playlists article above provides more detail and is the best place to start.