Unable to index MP3 with CRC frames, Failed to extract audio format / CorruptFile

Hi there,

has anyone got the same problem?
My library is missing a lot of files, all with the same Logfile entry:

10/31 21:41:21 Warn: [storage/directory] Failed to extract audio format from ‘/media/music/Guitoud/2010 - Conscious Rasta/02. Chalice.mp3’: CorruptFile

Would be a lot easier no nail down the problem when there would be a more detail log message what went wrong here.
As far as i can see, all files affected have CRCs in it’s mp3 frames.

RoonServer runs on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS with libavformat and ffmpeg installed.
None of these corrupt files are indexed by roon - they don’t show up when I nail down my library via Inspector -> Corrupt.

Are MP3’s with CRCs not supported?



I’ll leave a tag for @support to follow up with you.

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Hi @zackbummcr ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the troubles here. Would be able to send me an MP3 that you are noticing this issue with so we can try to test in house? If you could PM me a dropbox link it would be very appreciated :sunglasses:


Thanks for flagging me down @Carl!

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I digged a little bit further - and found it has nothing to do with CRCs. This was just a coincidence. If I rebuild the tags with ffmpeg, roon imports the files without problems:

ffmpeg -i <input.mp3> -vn -acodec copy <output.mp3>

I haven’t found a decent tool that decodes the ID3 headers in detail - so i can’t give you any hint for now.

Try puddletag. If has a view window that shows the detailed tags, their type and value. That view will show different tag types in the same file separately from one another.

Thanks for that tip - I’ll give it a try.
But from the screenshots it looks like its much more high-level than I was looking for.

Do you know a tool that decodes id3 header, frames etc like Wireshark does for network protocols?
An ID3 dissector, that decodes the meaning of each byte. Couldn’t find anything like that. Sure, you can do this manually by reading the spec, but that take more time.

I don’t, but I do know that if Roon can read the tags it’s also very easy to rewrite them correctly en mass, so give it a try