Unable to install Roon with Avira

I have done a scan of my PC with Avira and after than when I try to launch Roon, it did not work. I have reinstall the software and when I try to launch it, I got the following message from Avira : Potential menace from Roon direct - manipulation file, the thread is HEUR/APC

My PC run under Windows 10.

What shall I do?


Add an exception in Avira for Roon would be my first action. I don’t use it, so I can’t give better directions.

You might let Avira know that it is generating a false positive.

Hi @jazzdidier ,

You can report this false positive to Avira by using these instructions:

As an immediate solution, you can also add Roon + RoonServer Database Location to Avira’s exception list:

Hope this helps!

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