Unable to link devices to iPad in Roon (ref#TJAFYR)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

I can’t link my devices to my I pad

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

I don’t know how to nominate a device to be my Roon server

Connected Audio Devices

Aurelic g2.1 naim uniti atom naim muso all connected by wi fi

Home Network Details

Connected to my router supplied by sky

Hi from a fellow user!

TLDR, maybe?
Please start reading about Roon’s basics, since support is chronically understaffed and it would be wasting precious time trying to spare you from reading up on it - it’s written in simple enough words to follow through!
Thanks for your understanding

Hi @bryanbeaumont53,

Checking in on this thread, were you able to get a device dedicated to run Roon Server? Let me know if you need additional help.

Thanks! :+1: