Unable to log in on Roon with Linux Core on QNAP (ref#0EDESY)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

Impossible to log in

Roon Core Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

Linux Core Type


Roon Core Specifications

Rockna Wavedream

Connected Audio Devices

Rockna hdmi

Home Network Details


Hello @Nicolas_Lehmann ,

Thank you for your message. Thank you for reaching out as soon as you discover you had trouble logging into your Roon account. We’re really sorry to hear it, but we’d like to do all we can to help.

As a first step, could you please try to log into your Roon account page? Is that something you can do?https://account.roon.app

If the trouble is logging into the Roon software, it is worth noting that the process involves logging in via a web browser. The pop-up might be blocked by the default browser, depending on your settings. In that case, there are two things that should help:

  • clearing the default browser’s cache and cookies, or
  • temporarily changing your default browser

If this still does not resolve the issue, can you please use these instructions to access your QNAP logs, upload the set to the below link and let us know once uploaded?


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