Unable to Log In to Tidal through Roon

Roon Core Sonic transport
dCS Rossini connected via ethernet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

NightHawk route-r
Ethernet Switch= Melco

Connected Audio Devices

Ethernet from Melco to dCS Rossini

Has been working for 1- Year.

Description of Issue

I’m sure you’ve already done all of this, but:

  • Log out of Tidal on all devices.
  • Set your router to use Cloudflare DNS (
  • Reboot modem, router, Roon core, endpoints, and remote(s)
  • Try to log in to Tidal within Roon again
  • Fill in all the information requested so folks on the forums have a better chance of being able to help you

Clearing the cache folder could help. But make sure you get a new IP first and reboot your core after that

Thank you so much for the detailed response.
I don’t know how to set my router to use Cloudflare DNS( please explain further

Somewhere in the router’s software there should be a page for WAN settings - I have an ASUS router and here is a screenshot. Under WAN DNS settings it by default automatically connects to your ISP’s DNS server - you want to make it not do that and put in the primary and secondary Cloudflare DNS server addresses as shown.

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