Unable to Log into Roon Remote on Multiple Devices (ref#8K5MBN)

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I logged out of Roon Remote and cannot get back in. My core is a Nucleus. Have tried on iPhone, iPad and on my MacBook. All attempts take me to account.roon.app and I can get as far as entering my user ID and password, then get a screen saying “did you download this from Roon, etc.” and when I try to continue, it bounces me back to the log in page. This loop happens over and over but it won’t log me in. I rebooted the Nucleus but it didn’t change anything.

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Many devices - Roon Ready and not, not relevant

Home Network Details

Verizon FIOS router, connected to an Orbi mesh system. Nucleus is Ethernet wired, remotes are wireless.

Solved: this problem resolved with no action from me. I will repost if it reoccurs.

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