"Unable to Login to Roon Remote on iPhone for NAS Roon Core Integration" (ref#MX2QLA)

What’s happening?

· I'm having trouble logging in

Where are you having trouble logging in?

· I can't log into the Roon app

Describe the issue

It started with not being able to login to Tidal from ROON Remote, although I could still login and use Tidal's own App without problems. I am using iPhone15 iOS 17.5.1.

I have rebooted and updated the Qnap NAS running Roon core, but this didn't resolve the problem.

Now I have logged in and out of Tidal and wanted to do the same with Roon Remote. However, although I have no problems logging onto Tidal, I could not log into Roon but was caught in a loop getting me to sign in and redirecting me to another sign in page back and forth. (I can log into my account on laptop via https://account.rron.app) from which I am writing now.

I resolved to completely delete and reinstall ROON Remote on my iPhone. When started, it immediately identified the NAS with Roon Core and asked to sign in. But problem remained exactly as stated above: looping between two sign in pages.

Describe your network setup

Roon Remote on iPhone 15 with iOS 17.5.1
Roon Core on a Qnap TS-673A NAS
... connected via LAN cable to...
NAIM Unity Star
Focal Speakers
Huawei Modem
... none of these system components changed (except maybe the iOS version). This setup has been running without problems for 2 years.

Hi @r.demmler,

Based on the geolocation of your IP address, you are most likely unable to resolve the address for the web server authentication login due to state restrictions. This is outside of Roon’s control.

If you have content blockers on the phone you use to sign in, try disabling those in the meantime, as this will resolve the issue if it’s limited to your local setup.

Outside of that, I recommend posting in Tinkering to see what other users in your region might be doing.