Unable to love multiple tracks in a playlist

I guess because they are playlists and not database content as such. I guess another way of Focus there would be nice to have. That said, the playlists do have the additional columns for play count and last played

Roon is far from perfect and there are lots of things that would be nice to have and don’t exist. See the #feedback:feature-suggestions area. Some of them are really aggravating. But nevertheless, no other music app that I know comes even close. I mean, streaming apps force you into a binary favorite yes/no logic to begin with, without finer granularity. Or don’t understand the difference between original release date and release date like Roon does. There are endless things where nothing else comes close.

Yeah sorry that is just not true. You really have to explore things a bit more before complaining that everything you don’t know sucks or does not exist :slight_smile:

I know I sound crabby about the whole thing, but I’ve been trying to figure out a way out of iTunes/Apple Music for years and just finally decided I could rent rather than buy software (that’s what stopped me from trying this long ago). Yes, it seems like the best, and perhaps only option for people like me with huge libraries. It took over a week to migrate from iTunes to Apple Music for example and I managed to get Roon set up in a couple of days. I’m just trying to figure out how to manage my own music instead of letting the algorithms take control of my life.

The above being said, there are also many missing features that would be neat in playlists. Again, see the feature suggestions. For instance, an “added to playlist” date is sorely missing. The “Date added” column refers to the date where it was added to the library, not the playlist. Which can be helpful but is not the same thing. In particular playlists are really not the most feature-full things

Personally, after some years with streaming apps that are utterly inadequate for even medium libraries, I went for a Roon lifetime license after a day of trying it, because it was so much better than anything else and I wanted to stop myself second-guessing if time spent on editing is well spent or if I will stop using it anyway. Wedded myself to Roon and never regretted it because everything I do is there “forever”, all I need now is Roon surviving for another 30 or 40 year or so, if i am lucky :slight_smile:

Some of it takes time to find out how to work with Roon and the idiosyncrasies it has, instead of against it, and eventually it’s fine once you know.

Nevertheless, there are some issues that are really aggravating, and some are baked into the architecture and won’t be easy to change although they know they will have to. But in the 2 years I have had it, it got better and better, and I am confident that great things are still beyond the horizon but will come. All in all, far less aggravating than anything else I have used.

I think there is lots for this in Roon. I have a particular artist (Howe Gelb and Giant Sand) who I loved for all my life but always thought way to prolific to explore their whole output and all its crosslinks to other artists. Over the past two years (and still going on) I purchased and imported, added to the existing Roon metadata and fixed where incorrect, for the 60+ albums Howe has released himself in various forms, plus the albums of close collaborators, and have created bookmarks for various Focus configurations that give me different views on the body of work. And I have learned an amazing amount that I never knew existed or was possible to find out.

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