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Linux 5.10.28 - Unraid Docker

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27,000 tracks

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I’m unable to match an album in my library to a record in MusicBrainz. I have this album: 644270b7-e9bf-49b6-bf8a-f9de316bfc97 in my library. When I try to manually match it by title, I get a lot of irrelevant results. When I try using just the artist (no album title populated), 泰葉 (or the English spelling, Yasuha) I get 0 results. It is almost like this artist is invisible to the metadata agent.

An album title is mandatory for this search.

Currently, we prefer Latin script for artist names (though not necessarily English).

Try searching for “Yasuha” / “Blue Night Blue”. It should be the top hit.


@joel - Thanks, that worked this morning. I did the same thing last night and it did not. I appreciate the quick response.

Since when is a title mandatory to identify a album in this search form?

It was possible before in the identify process when no match was found with artist and title to search just for the artist or title and get a response. This was especially helpful when the language was not English.

As far as I know, several years. I coded it that way.

Since one or two releases back I could still search only for artist in this search form and got an answer, since last release this doesn’t work anymore.

It was really helpful, especially with Asien types of languages.

Can we have this “feature” back to make title not mandatory in search?

As far as I know, this was never possible, so how can it be rolled back? We are both talking about the manual identification wizard?

Yes, we are talking about the manual identification wizard.

Since I was using roon, it was always possible for me to search for “artist and title” and “artist xor title” and was shown the results. Since the last release this is not possible anymore, no matches are shown when I only look for artist. There’s no information shown that the title is madatory in the search form.

I even get an unexpected error in the logs:
04/20 18:02:45 Trace: [metadatasvc] REQ [28] https://metadataserver.roonlabs.net/md/4/usersearch?uid=c10f74f0-3e68-4199-8a34-eb46b10475c4&lid=&token=e1ac5cdb-5e16-47cb-90fe-1627d55f907d
04/20 18:02:45 Warn: [metadatasvc] FAIL [28] https://metadataserver.roonlabs.net/md/4/usersearch?uid=c10f74f0-3e68-4199-8a34-eb46b10475c4&lid=&token=e1ac5cdb-5e16-47cb-90fe-1627d55f907d (474ms) UnexpectedError

This is the intended behaviour and I’m afraid that it’s unlikely to change any time soon. Feel free to submit a feature request.

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