Unable to migrate ROCK to a new NUC13 - what am I doing wrong?

Hi all,

After four years happily running Roon through ROCK on a NUC8, performance limits and a whining fan made me buy a NUC13ANKi7 as replacement, but I am somehow unable to install ROCK on the NUC13.

The NUC13 has RAM installed and the M.2 drive from the old NUC8. I have followed all the instructions on the “ROCK Install Guide”, all the way through point 5 “Installing”, where I get stuck. If I hit F10 to access the menu to select from which device to boot, the NUC enters the BIOS instead. If I do not hit F10, I get the “A bottable device has not been detected” message.

I disabled Secure Boot. The BIOS is updated to the latest version. The USB drive has been flashed with the image downloadable from the “ROCK Install Guide” with Etcher.

What I found funny in the BIOS, is that I found nowhere a list to prioritize the available devices. I only found a few checkboxes. Nevertheless, I would assume if the BIOS does not find the old ROCK installation on the M.2 drive bootable, it should try the inserted USB stick with the flashed ROCK installer, right?

What am I doing wrong? Has anyone who successfully installed ROCK on a NUC13?

Many thanks in advance for any support.


Hey @Martin_F ,

Are you still having this issue at the present time? It looks like there was a ROCK that authenticated with our servers 2 days ago. We have not tested any NUC13 models, the only ones we tested are listed on our ROCK page here:

@noris - Than I don’t understand this:

“HDMI audio functionality for ROCK users on NUC 12 and NUC 13.”


I believe that NUC 12 and 13 models share the same chipset, which is different to the chipset used in the previous generations of NUCs - and it is this new chipset that was causing the HDMI issue.

Until NUC 13 models appear on the official “Supported” list, I would treat them as MOCK devices…

Hey @noris,

Thank you for your answer. The ROCK that logged in was the old NUC8 from which I am trying to upgrade.

I have since tried to wipe out all prior partitions from the M2-drive that sat in the NUC8 and which I put in the NUC13, and I formatted the USB-stick with FAT32 before flashing the ROCK image on it with Etcher, but no avail: NUC13 boots and just lands at “A bootable device has not been detected”.

Do you have any ideas why the NUC13 isn’t installing the ROCK image flashed on the USB drive?

Dear @noris,

I finally managed to install it. Sorry for the confusion. You can close this thread now.

Have a great weekend


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