Unable to play a DSD DSF256 file

Roon Core Machine


Networking Gear & Setup Details

Apple router. hard wired to nucleus.

Connected Audio Devices

2000 tracks

Description of Issue

I have a few DSD files I have downloaded and stored on the internal SSD in my nucleus. All of these files play fine through Roon except one. This particular album will only play a few seconds of a song and then skip to the next selection. This behavior continues for every selection on the album. I also have this album stored on a NAS. When I select this source, same result. However when I access this album via the Lumin app the album plays. Lumin T2 streamer/dac.

Hi Randy

How does the processing speed looks like when you play the album? Below 1?

Here an example where the processing speed is 1.3. If it goes below 1 you can have these problems that you describe.


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Yes it is below 1. It was .7. I found the problem though. The DSD settings was set to convert rather than native. Changed this setting and now speed is up to 4.2. Your information was helpful and pointed me in the right direction.

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