Unable to play error suddenly appeared

I’ve been getting numerous unable to play/address may have changed errors on stations that have previously been just fine. One example is Best Smooth Jazz in London. Others have been stations based in the USA, Portugal and Germany.

Any ideas?

Hello @Marcus_Adams1, the Best Smooth Jazz station wasn’t in our database, so I attempted to add it. I then saw that there is a problem with the certificate verification. This is affecting Tunein too, so I assume this is why you cannot play it (The website will fall back to an http stream). I have no idea if this is a temporary situation or not.

I used the http stream and added the station to the database.

If you search for the station using the magnifying glass, you should be OK.

What were the other problem stations?

The same station has been fine since your fix but has now reverted to the original error.
I’m coming across a fair few stations that get that error.

Hello @Marcus_Adams1, I’ve just tried that station and it is OK. Has something changed in your setup?


No. Nothing. This is what I get:

That screenshot doesn’t look like the database version. Have you picked up an old link?

No idea. I deleted it and added it back and it told me the station no longer exists in the iPhone app and on the desktop core app.

Sorry, I don’t follow. You added it back but it doesn’t exist?

I just searched for Best smooth jazz using the magnifying glass. There were 9 results for radio stations. One of these was BSJ. I was able to play it.

Are you saying the station does not appear in your search results?


No, it appears. It just doesn’t play as per the screenshot above.

Something odd going on. Can we please check you have the right link? My mobile shows

Note the url shown.

I’m getting this again on the same station following the recent updates.

Something odd going on again. I see no problems…

Has something changed in your setup apart from the update?
Is it just this station?
And, as ever, have you rebooted everything?

How did you solve the problem last time?

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