Unable to Play Music Files on Roon App with Wadax Server Atlantis (ref#AMIE56)

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I’m using a Wadax Server Atlantis and I transfered .wav files in it’s SSD. I can see Roon App recognize the server in “Settings”. However, I can find and play the music files. Can you help please ?

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Wadax server connected via Ethernet


When you got to Roon > My Library > Albums or My Library > Tracks, what do you see? Nothing at all or just not these WAV files that you expected?

I am wondering if you just can’t find them because Roon may have placed them where you are not looking. Do these WAV files have file tags? Many don’t, and then Roon may have trouble identifying them and showing the correct album and track names.

Hi @SICARD_Jean-Marc,

Are you still encountering issues with local files in Roon? If so, please provide the name of an example album that is missing, so we can identify in system logging how Roon is treating these objects.

Thank you!

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