Unable to play music through BOSE USB speakers attached to Mac

I’m running the Core on Synology 918+ NAS, and Control on Mac (macOS 10.13.6), with Bose USB speakers attached to Mac.

I checked Audio section in settings, and do not see the speakers listed, nor does it allow to locate/configure them. Checked User Guide, it seems this setup is supported.

How do make Root recognize these speakers?

I doubt that Roon would see these speakers. Nonetheless, you should be able to play through them if you first set them up for playback under the Mac’s System Preferences > Sound > Output tab and then configure Roon to use the Mac’s System Output:

I don’t have a USB speaker so can’t test this, but I see no reason why this wouldn’t work since Roon will play to the default audio device.

Thanks for the response, @Martin_Webster. We identified the root of the problem. It is described here:

The real issue is that Roon requires both the Client (Control or Remote) to be on the very same subnet as the Core. In my case they are on the same LAN, but not the same subnet. I have no issue with this configuration using any app or service but Roon.

I hope Roonlabs will address this deficiency. Seems it should not be that hard to do. I could be wrong, of course.