Unable to power down Squeezebox Boom with power button [Ticket in]

Hi @support

The power button doesn’t appear to work on the Mac or android apps in order to power down my Squeezebox Booms.

May not be top priority @support but it would be nice to acknowledge the problem, or an isolated case?

Thanks in advance

Hi @mannp ---- My apologies for the wait time here. I can confirm that a ticket has been opened and is being tracked by our developers who will be taking a closer look into this behavior you have reported.


Thanks @Eric

Thanks, have the same problem here too

Thanks, at least I am not alone, or at least the only one reporting it :slight_smile:

Hopefully its an easy fix, as mine currently stops the music, but doesn’t power the device to standby or anything like that.

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Any news about this problem?

i assume my problem is the same- i can’t power down my Transporters from the front panel. in the Mac of iOS apps, there’s a button that “looks” like it should be for power, but it has no effect.

related, i’ve set my preferences to show clock when in Standby…problem is, can’t figure out how to put device in standby.

Yes, its the same.

I am not clear if the button puts it into standby or off, but it does neither for me.

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The power button on the front panel of the Boom does not place it in standby, either.

However, using the power button on the Squeezebox remote works, so the IR command is recognized by Roon.

I also see a problem transferring playback from Boom to elsewhere.

Here is what I tried:

1) Standby on Squeezebox3

  • Playback going on on a Squeezebox3.
  • Click Volume > Standby (Power icon) – Squeezebox3 enters standby (stop playback, display shows clock).
  • Click Play – music continues, and display is “live.”

2) Transfer from Squeezebox3 to Boom

  • Playback going on on a Squeezebox3.
  • Transfer to Boom.
  • Squeezebox3 enters standby (stop playback, display shows clock).
  • Boom is playing.

3) Transfer from Boom to Squeezebox3

  • Playback going on on a Boom
  • Transfer to Squeezebox3.
  • Boom stops playback, but display keeps showing the playback info (artist and track name).
  • Squeezebox3 is playing normally (with correct display).
  • Press power button on Boom remote: display enters standby (shows clock).

In addition to the problems listed here, i.e.

  • Power button in the Roon interface not setting the Squeezebox to standby (i.e. not working)
  • Hardware power button on the Boom not working

I have also noticed that Roon does not recognize the discrete Power On and Power Off codes that LMS understands. Programmable remotes such as the Logitech Harmony line of remotes uses these discrete codes (as they signal the desired state exactly, as opposed to the Power Toggle code sent by the Squeezebox remote).

It would be nice to get this addressed, especially as it really seems like a minor fix of

  • mapping just 3 more remote control codes to the appropriate functions, and
  • making sure the Roon UI power button maps to the appropriate function as well.

I don’t believe there has been any change to SB support since it was enabled, so there is next to no chance of any changes.

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Came here to weep together. Was sooo happy to include my kitchen squeezebox radio into the setup, and now realized it’s just not usable because we need to find the phone for every start/stop. If I could use the power button I’d look over all the other nice buttons beeing dead, but now I have to reconsider the expense for roon - Multizone was the killer feature. Mounting a tablet to the tiles next to the squeezebox is not appealing.

But I do understand squeezebox is very old, and it’s probably not worth the engineering hours to fix the zone linking RAAT+Squeezebox.


It is still very well supported and has a thriving community still, with regular updates and recent updates to device firmware too.

I can use both deezer and tidal in hires modes, with a new material web interface, so use it as my daily driver.

Roon doesn’t support most of these features that I need, so only use it occasionally; which as a lifetime user its not ideal but works for me :slight_smile:

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my primary issue with squeezeboxen (i have eight) is the dated wifi, which seems to have trouble with modern mesh networks. it’s particularly bad with the Touch and Boom, and has caused me to box up most of them. I still use a transporter, hardwired, in my main system.

I only use Squeezeboxes via ethernet including my boom which is still in use and works great.

I also prefer Ethernet where possible.

I’ve only had problems with Wi-Fi once, with a Ruckus Wireless AP. The issue was that the Ruckus tried to steer the Squeezebox (Classic) to somewhere else by kicking it off the Wi-Fi regularly. The solution was to disable steering in the Ruckus AP settings.

@woodford – You could maybe setup a second SSID on the mesh and only enable 2.4 GHz on it, or disable steering on it. (Or just disable steering on the SSID you already use, if that’s acceptable to you.)

Thanks to the friendly Roon support guys who looked at the logs I sent them. Their feedback got me to look at the AP logs (which I had overlooked for some reason).

As for the Ruckus AP behaviour: I don’t know what it was trying to steer the client to, as there were no other APs and the Squeezebox doesn’t do 5 GHz. Disabling steering didn’t cause any issues for me: devices that were 5 GHz capable were already preferring that band anyway. I should also add that I have been very happy with Ruckus – this issue came up very quickly after first deploying it some 5 or 6 years ago.


thanks, i’ve mostly deprecated the use of squeezeboxen in my home, but still something to try.