Unable to proceed past login page on Roon (macOS) (ref#E9KLDT)

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I can log in and reach my account, however, it stopps at the same point. I can`t go further

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Sonoma 14.1.2(23B92)

Connected Audio Devices

D/A converter

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Hi @ub4m-ikd,
Thank you for your patience while we worked through the queue. It would be helpful if you could upload your screenshot in a different file format. HEIC is not recognized by non-Apple devices.
One thing that often works when a user has login problems is using a different browser. Try logging in with a browser that isn’t using any extensions.


Add i


When I access ROON , it runs between 2 sights and doesn’t go further.

Problem solved.
I turned off the firewall in my security software, MaCarfi, and now I can open my account. Thank you very much.

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