Unable to reboot Rock after ripping some cd

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)


**Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Gigabit Ethernet

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
Chrome cast , Streambox S2 ultra etc

Description Of Issue

Every time after ripping some cd’s the rock don’t reboot from web interface, reporting that is rebooted.
Same with shutdown and even with restart Roon server software

It’s a known issue, and, I believe, under investigation by Roon Labs. You need to do a power cycle on your NUC.

I’m afraid of database corruption.
I can use power button, but this should be fixed.
Thank you

It’s under investigation, but I don’t think you need to be overly concerned about database corruption. I’ve done power cycles on my ROCK/NUC many times without issues, and never had to restore a database backup.

Hello @Bogdan_Dorin, and thanks for your report! I’d like to submit a ticket to our QA team for further analysis but I’m missing information on your network. Could you please elaborate for me so I can put in the ticket? Thanks!

The network has low relevance here but:
Synology wifi router RT2600ac and MR2200ac, HP PS1810-8G gigabit Ethernet switch, Synology DS1515+ NAS, Rock connected with Ethernet

Hello @Bogdan_Dorin, and thanks for the details! I’ve sent a report over to our QA team for further analysis and will return with their feedback.

I must add that as every forced reboot I must restart docker container with Deep Harmony remote extension @Adam_Goodfellow

In my experience, while it may take 30 seconds or so, rebooting the core eventually results in the extension re-pairing with the core. This is something handled by the Roon SDK.

At hard reboot is not coming back until I restart container.
At normal reboot it works at expected.

Odd, I get:

  • restart software from ROCK web UI - reconnect in a couple of seconds
  • reboot via ROCK web UI - reconnects within about 30 sec.
  • power off, then on again - reconnects within about 30 sec after pressing power button (on NUC) to turn it back on.

If you dont restart the container, what goes wrong or what is it that makes you think you need to restart?

Let me check again after i will RIP some cd.
After power Off/on from button the extension is not coming back in Roon.
I must go to Synology and also restart.
If I go to reboot or do button power of is coming back.

This issue totally ruin Roon experience.
Please show a timeline for fixing this.
Every time I need to power of/on Rock to rip cds and also to restart docker extensions on separate system.
Thank you

My expectation was that the bug will be fixed in 1.8
It is not.
Since I purchased this product I expect to be fully functional.

Thank you

It is a bit worrying that they cant seem fix their own OS to sort this out. I just gave up on ROCK and cd ripping it was a nice feature whilst it lasted.

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