Unable to Recognize RME DAC and Server - Reinstallation Required? (ref#CY5DU8)

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I have been using Roon successfully since last year until the latest upgrade and thn the wheels fell off. Haven’t used it in two weeks. It would not recognize my audio output - an RME DAC. The I tried reloading Roon and Roon Server on my i7 running Win 10. Lost all my history and I cannot get Roon to ID the server nor the audio out. The audio tab on Windows shows the RME as the music destination and when something pings, it goes to my speakers via the RME. Should I uninstall all Roon and reinstall? Will I need to also reinstall my Android Tablet?

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I am using an i7 processor with 8 mg Ram running win 10

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RME ADI 2 DAC FS via USB; SONOS via COAX and connected via ethernet to the network; using a Lenovo Tablet as my remote

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Roon server loaded on i7, connected to Asus mesh router(1 of4) via RJ45 CAT 6

@Ray_Vaughan, do you have both Roon and Roon Server installed on the same computer? You need only one of these, depending if you need a user interface. “Roon Server” does not have a user interface and must be managed by a Roon Remote on another computer, tablet, or phone. “Roon” combines the server portion as well as the graphical interface to manage Roon.

Thanks for getting back on this. As you can likely tell, I am quite “new” at all of this.

That was my understanding when I began this about a year ago, however, it all has worked (both loaded) wonderfully until two weeks ago, so I had stopped questioning it. Do you recommend that I take Roon off of my computer and leave only Roon Server and then control via the Android tablet?

Ray, it’s really a personal decision based on how you use Roon. I am on Early Access and the move to only Roon Server on my Core has worked well. I use a Windows 11 computer that is now only a server and does not itself have a direct audio connection to anything. Previously I used Macs and Windows PCs as the Core and also directly attached audio devices, so having the GUI on the same computer as the Core was useful; now not so much.

The only recommendation I can make is to use only Roon or Roon Server on your Core PC, not both.

Thanks for getting back on this. Remember that the RME is not “Roon” ready so it does need an audio signal coming in. Also, this all worked so well before so I am inclined to want to get back to that space.

I finally resolved this by removing all Roon files and reloading Roon from scratch. Note that you need to remove Roon core from any automated start up or it will start when rebooting and then you will not be able to delete it as your Win 10 will not delete programs that are running. Also, I think that Roon core may have been added a second time when Roon provided the new update and the two cores may have been in conflict with one another.
Roon does ask you if you want to run the core on the same computer, kind of suggesting that they seem OK with using one computer as a core, playback engine and GUI.

Hope this helps some one else trying to get into the intricacies of the Roon world.

Now to the music!

Absolutely it can be. Since 2015, I have had RoonServer loaded, Roon as a GUI front end only, two separate installs on the same machine and have never had an issue. And this is playing out to my RMA ADI-2 Pro Black Edition connected via USB.

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