Unable to recover lost tracks after power failure

@support I am running Roon v1.3 build 247 on a QNAP TVS-882 server (i5 CPU with 16GB RAM, 2 X 500GB SSD and 6 X 6TB HDD). The Roon library resides on one of the SSD drives and the data (or tracks) reside on the HDDs.
After a power outtage I noticed that Roon had lost about 100K tracks. I’ve rebooted the server and forced rescans and wasn’t able to recover the tracks. Finally, I restored a backup that I knew was good and still the tracks were missing although they do exist on the hard drives. Is there a way to recover the tracks without having to rescan the database from scratch?

Hi, @June_Coll, thanks for the report! For the further investigation we want you to send us logs, I’ll provide moe details via PM. Thanks!


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Just guessing here but it seems that you have a Raid setup.

Raid should always have a battery backup as so your Raid does not have to rebuild everytime the electricity goes down.

I am surprised that the 6 - 6 tb did not have to rebuild the raid.

Hope this helps and prevents future degraded hard drives.


Any update? I placed the logs in the Dropbox on Aug 25th and sent you the link to it.

Hi @June_Coll ----- Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the slow response.

I was just checking on the status of your ticket and saw that @Ivan had responded to your PM containing the requested logs.


@Eric @Ivan @support Has there been any progress with regards to the issue reported August 24th, logs provided?

Since then, I have tried to resolve the issue by stopping and removing the Roon app from my QNAP server then by deleting the RoonServer folder from the QNAP ssd drive. I also removed the Roon app from my remote (PC). Then I proceeded to reinstall the Roon QNAP app from Roon’s download site, installed the Roon app on my remote (PC). I started the Roon app on the remote PC, input my logon code and password, setup the watched folder, and then Roon read the watched folder. The result is that it failed to recover the tracks that went missing.

Thanks for your help. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @June_Coll ---- Thank you for your patience and my sincere apologies for the wait.

Moving forward, after completing their analysis of your logs, our techs have informed me that they are noticing the following trace occurring repeatedly in your logs. This being seen at the beginning of your file paths @Recycle/.... . Can you verify for me if the missing content is are located in the “recycling bin” on the NAS?



Thank you for your help.

I can confirm that the files were not located in the recycling bin on the NAS. I lost about 110K tracks based solely on information contained in the Overview screen (before and after the loss) and there was no change in the count even after uninstalling and reinstalling as described above. If possible, could you supply a list of files found in the recycling bin as I have since deleted its contents. Thank you.

Hi @June_Coll ---- Thank you for touching base with me and my apologies for the slow response.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is much more we can do here. Sadly, if the content has been deleted there will be no way to “revive” it, unless, you have a backups made of your media, as I am sure you are aware.

As for the logs, a 110k tracks is A LOT to track down to try and verify what has been deleted :head_bandage: If you would like to pursue this task, I would recommend opening the same logs you provided to us and using the 'search” function, look for the following trace:

[music/storage] processing reshuffle and delete for track 67:0:@Recycle/….