Unable to Reinstall ROON Due to RoonServer Conflict (ref#8VT4VY)

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· My Roon software won't start up

Describe the issue

I had a AppCrash and I cannot install ROON again, because I get the notice that RoonServer is running and therefore there is no new istallation possible.

Describe your network setup

ROON Server is running on a NUC and on my Desktop there is the control of the NUC. ROON is running well on theNUC still and I can use all my remote devices (MobilePhone, Tablet aso). But my desktop refuses ROON new installation

What type of desktop? (Mac, PC, Linux?)
And to be clear, you are trying to reinstall the Roon App on the desktop, correct?

If so, you might try looking in Task manager (in Windows) for the Roon server and end the process?

  1. Open Task Manager by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Delete then selecting “Task Manager”
  2. “Processes” tab to view the list of all running processes.
  3. To end a process, select it and click on the “End Task” button at the bottom right of the window.

You can “force quit” the process on Mac, by Pressing Option + Command + Esc to open the Force Quit menu, select the app, and click Force Quit twice. You can also click and hold an app in the Dock and click Force Quit, or click the Apple icon and select Force Quit.


Quite simply because Roon Server is still running on your Desktop. You need to quit it using the Quit menu option of Roon Server (the icon is in the Taskbar section for apps running in the background) or use Task Manager to kill it as @bearFNF suggests.



BearFNF you are my hero. Reinstalled and ROON is running perfect again!
Thank you so much. Geoff as well, thank you very much for your fast support. Greetings from Germany!


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