Unable to Reinstall Roon on Synology NAS - Installation Link Connection Issue (ref#SIY4Q6)

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As my Roon can’t connect with KKbox (though both is fine operating separately), I deleted the Roon Server on my Synology NAS and try to reinstall again on my NAS.

However, it ended up can’t reinstall on my NAS due to failing to connect Roon’s installation link on the Roon website.

Describe your network setup

Netgear RBR40

My internet connection is fine.

Hi @LIU_Chia_Hua_John,

Thank you for your post. Diagnostics indicate that you’re using a VPN to access upstream services not normally available in your region - unfortunately, this is an issue outside of the official scope of support. I suggest creating a post in Tinkering asking other users in your area what they use.