Unable to Reset Nucleus Password Online (ref#U3L7X2)

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Describe the issue

I have a nucleus but can’t get into it because we don’t know the password. We are on line but it won’t let me send for reset password. It says we are not connected.

Describe your network setup

Deco router


The account / password for the Roon application on the Nucleus is linked to your Roon Lab accounts.

If you go to the Roon website, you can confirm your credentials by logging in and also request a password reset if required.


If the Nucleus is reporting as offline, then I’d suggest checking you networking environment to see if the Nucleus is communicating with your router.

I’d also recommend attempting to connect to the Nucleus via a web browser to check it’s status.

If that fails, hook up a HDMI monitor (or TV) to the Nucleus and report back what it says.