Unable to Restore Backup to New Core

Core Machine

Old Core: Linux on SSD attached to Synology DS918+
New Core: Mac Mini M1

Network Details

BT Hub serving UniFi APs and switches. NAS & Mac Mini wired connections

Audio Devices

Many, mostly airplay devices, but not relevant to this issue

Description of Issue

I’m in the process of transferring my core away from the NAS to the new Mac Mini. Made a backup on the NAS, checked and there’s 3 there, all in the “RoonBackups” folder on the NAS. I’ve installed Roon on the Mac Mini, signed out of the core on the NAS and instead of signing in, have clicked on the restore from backup option.
When putting in the address of the backups, and the username and password, it says invalid location.
Using the format of smb://192.168.x.xxx/RoonBackups which is where the old core sees the backups as being located, but nope, new core refuses to see anything.

The “RoonBackups” folder is not visible in finder, nor from the FileStation on the NAS either, and don’t seem ‘hidden’ (ie pressing “shift”+“command”+“period” doesn’t reveal any extra files.


Hi @Michael_Contini-Hill

Are you entering the username and password for your NAS when you add the share? Can you share a screenshot of what you see in Roon when you enter this?

Alternatively, do you have a USB drive you can move the backup to and connect it to the new Mac Mini?

Hi, and thanks for getting back to me.

I’m not on the local network at the moment, so cannot take a screen grab of the Roon display.

However, yes, I am using the username and password with full administrative rights when trying to add the share. I have a USB drive, however, as I said before, I can’t actually see the backup to copy it to a USB drive. The only place where I can see the ‘RoonBackups’ folder is in the currently active Roon core.

The above shows the contents of my NAS and in particular, RoonServer folder. I’ll grab a shot of the error message when I get home

Right, I’ve seemingly solved it:

Looking at the place where the Synology NAS core is stored, it’s on an SSD attached to the NAS and it seems that this location is amalgamated into the main storage pool by Synology by default - you can’t actually see it as a location.

So, I’ve just created a new shared folder at the root of the storage pool and backed up to this from the old core.

The new Mac Mini core can see this location and indeed, has restored from it now. Just have the tedious task of re-scanning my data files into the library - just approaching the 1000 album mark as I type!!

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