Unable to restore DB from backup post-migration

Hardware / Networking

SonicTransporter i5, recently migrated from Roon Server on Mac Mini late 2012 i7 2.3ghz

Both Mac MIni and STi5 both networked to a DLink DGS-1005A, which connects to Router TP-LInk Archer D7 (AC1750).

Endpoints are SMS-200 Neo Ultra (on ethernet on the other side of the Router), and the Mac Mini. Both feed USB to different dacs / different rooms. Audio output is functioning normally.

Description Of Issue

This week I migrated Roon Core from my old MacMini to a new dedicated Roon Server. The migration went smoothly, audio files were copied to STi5, Mac MIni was deauthorised and STi5 authorised.

Roon backups were visible and accessible to the STi5, and the database backup seemed to complete OK (several attempts). However previous playlists were not functional, track counts not apparent, ‘liked’ tracks / albums not recorded.

I had previously set up multiple backups being archived on DropBox and also on the MacMIni. Both backup versions behaved in the same way.

As part of customer service from Small Green Computer, I followed up with Andy Gillis. He indicated that he was aware of several recent instances of this behaviour and that I should contact Roon Support.

Any advice you can provide to retrieve the database would be welcome. Also I can continue to do new backups to DropBox, but I am unclear how to map back to the MacMIni via SMB to store backups there as well.


Hello @Graeme_Newell, thanks for the details! I’d like to get logs from you for the issues with the new core, please upload them here. Please do this next time you have a chance to try restoring a backup again, it would also be helpful if you could provide a timestamp (in your local time) when you do!

As for the missing tracks, could you send me a screenshot of “Settings>Storage”? Thanks!

Hi Nurwrly.
I’ve uploaded the log file and the screenshot. I suspect though that these will not provide the results of the DB retrieval, as I restarted the server yesterday.

I can power down the unit, and then try to retrieve the DB backup and then send you the log file if you like - Just let me know if you wan me to try that


Logs are cumulative and should be ok for roon to go back to previous days and restarts etc, but it looks like maybe you only did one log file not the whole log folder zipped up?

Hi - I’m a bit unsure how to do this

from Roon server under Apps I can get to Roon Server Diagnostic Information
when I hit the download button it just gives me a .txt file from the most current boot up

I tried to map the STi5 across the network from my Mac logging on as a guest - it won’t let me.


Maybe the ST is a bit different. I guess see what the Roon boys think or maybe the ST guys will chime in.
I’m surprised given the need to usually give the full log folder to roon ST doesn’t do this by default. @agillis

Try rebooting. If that doesn’t work please contact Small Green Computer for support.

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