Unable to save Convolution filters (HQplayer OS)

Hi all, due to the issue addressed here:https://community.roonlabs.com/t/stuttering-during-dsd-playback-with-peq-filter/200500/10, I cannot use matrix pipeline for EQ’ing my DSD playbacks.

Then I realized Convolution may be an alternative. I created a set of filter with REW and exported it as WAV.

In HQPlayer OS, I selected this WAV file for both “Left” and “Right” channel. Then clicked “APPLY”. After 10 seconds loading time, it returned to the same page but no filter was saved!

Select .WAV for Left and Right

Loading as usual

No filter uploaded

Are these mono WAV files? They need to be mono for HQPlayer.

Also, no need to use REW to create convolution file.

You can use HQPlayers built-in parametric EQ.

Just create a .txt file and import into HQPlayer.

I use oratory1990 for my headphones.

Here is an example of the formatting of the .txt file that you need to import to HQP (note this is not LCD-4 so change values for your headphones - it is just example of formatting):

Preamp: -4.5 dB
Filter  1: ON  PK      Fc   23    Hz  Gain  -8.50 dB  Q  0.200
Filter  2: ON  PK      Fc   68    Hz  Gain   2.10 dB  Q  1.600
Filter  3: ON  LSQ     Fc   105   Hz  Gain   5.50 dB  Q  0.710
Filter  4: ON  PK      Fc   1080  Hz  Gain  -1.20 dB  Q  2.000
Filter  5: ON  PK      Fc   2750  Hz  Gain  -1.50 dB  Q  3.000
Filter  6: ON  PK      Fc   3350  Hz  Gain  -1.50 dB  Q  6.000
Filter  7: ON  PK      Fc   4000  Hz  Gain   3.00 dB  Q  1.400
Filter  8: ON  PK      Fc   5500  Hz  Gain  -2.20 dB  Q  2.500
Filter  9: ON  PK      Fc   7300  Hz  Gain  -2.00 dB  Q  5.000
Filter 10: ON  HSQ     Fc   10000 Hz  Gain   2.50 dB  Q  0.710

You mean entering the EQ text strings into the “process” boxes on the Matrix pipeline page?
If so, I am afraid I can’t. Somehow whenever matrix is enabled, dropouts will happen.

So I can only use convolution to achieve the same result. The Wav file is mono.

No above I meant you create a .txt file. Then you “browse” for the text file to import into HQPlayer process boxes in Matrix page.

But seperately another way is you can also use EQ text string

Here is an example for my headphones (not LCD-4) (same as the text file above):


As you can see, visually the text file is easier to look at (for making changes)

Text file (.txt):

Yea this what I tried initially. Importing a text file or inputting text strings, I tried them both.
But then I found something super wired: if the “enabled” box is checked on the matrix page, there will be dropouts for some DSD tracks, even I left the process box empty.

Emtpy content, Matrix enabled, dropouts occur

This has been tested with HQPlayer-OS & HQplayer Desktop on 2 different computers.
whenever Matrix enabled, with out without filters, dropouts are detected.

Ok figured that out.
The convolution files do get uploaded.
But the name of filter that takes effect is not shown although it is set. Unlike in Matrix pipeline.