Unable to search in roon, and an unknown error message appears

I recently installed the roon server on the Qnap NAS (while using the roon 2.0 client on the iPhone), my local area network is normal, and I can also access the Internet through the router normally, and can play albums or tracks normally; however, there is something like the attached picture Some problems (these problems did not occur when I installed the core and mobile client version 1.8 on the mac before), I hope to provide a solution guide.

  1. Unable to search for tracks;

  2. An error warning symbol appears on the menu interface, and the details say “there is a problem with the connection with the server, which prevents the metadata from being updated”;

  3. Roon arc is installed on the mobile device, but the core cannot be connected.

Please support, thank you!

Please use the guide below to troubleshoot and report your findings:

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