Unable to see LJ SJ9 as audio device

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Huawei HG8245Q
Computer connected to switch via ethernet
Computer: MacPro 5,1. Running Roon software 1.8 (build 806)
Switch: Netgear GS108T
LJ SJ9 connected via Wifi to the router network

Connected Audio Devices

System version NB9.508.00629.C
MICOM: 1810150
DSP: 1704190
HDMI: 1807100
Chrormecast; 1.36.145853

Library Size

Description of Issue

I am unable to see the LJ SJ9 as chrome cast device in Roon Audio devices.

Did you do the setup, is it visible in the Google Home app, can you play to it via GoogleCast protocol from other apps or the Google Chrome browser?

What is LJ SJ9 or are you talking about a LG SJ9 Dolby Atmos® Soundbar?

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I’m deeply sorry that we’ve missed on your post for this long :pensive:

I was wondering if you had any updates to share, since it’s been a while from the moment you reported the issue.

Answering @BlackJack’s great questions as well would help a lot :pray: