Unable to stream any qobuz music through using roon

i have update all my devices. i have android, ipad, pc
every device i have streams all qobuz music threw BluOS.
I can see all the qobuz music in roon but when i try to select anything i get error
unable to start streaming check your qobuz account
another thing when checking services in roon, I select qobuz and select edit, status says signed in,
streaming quality says “No stream formats available”

It might be that I no longer have a streaming plan but why can stream qobuz music threw my stand alone qobuz app and threw my bluos app to my player?

That error message can mean that the Qobuz account doesn’t have a streaming plan associated with it. Double check that you are using the same Qobuz account email/ password to login to both Qobuz in Roon and the other device which is working.

Can people stream music from qobuz without a subscription? Using the same email and password to log into qobuz using bluos app allows me to stream but using the same email and password on roon does not. I can stream music from my standalone qobuz app on my phone also. But… when i go to the qobuz account there is nothing there that says what streaming package i have.