Unable to stream Qobuz at 192kHz using Roon + UPnP bridge


I’m experiencing issues with my Cyrus Stream X2/Sonore UPnP/Roon Rock combo and seem unable to stream either Qobuz hires or local hires files at 24/192 without constant (every 4-5 seconds) dropouts.

The Cyrus supports 24/192 and has no issues with either Qobuz natively or local hires files. The problem only shows when Roon and the bridge are introduced. Network is wired and everything is on the same switch…

Any ideas?


What output settings do you have on thr UPNP bridge? LPCM or WAV?
In the Roon Endpoint configuration FLAC compression on or off?
Any Roon DSP?

I’ve tried both LPCM and WAV. Currently set to WAV.
I’ve tried both FLAC compression on and off. Currently set to On.
No Roon DSP


Local hi-res files (24/192) play with LPCM and FLAC compression ON

Qobuz hi-res files (24/192) stutter regardless of any combination of WAV/LPCM and FLAC compression On/Off

Ok so the local path from NAS to player is good up to 24/192 :grinning:
So I suspect you need to look at the internet streaming path - available bandwidth from your ISP, DNS servers, latency, contention, etc.

Well I bit the bullet…

My existing network consisted of a Virgin Media router in modem mode, connected to a Netgear Nighthawk R8000 router, connected to a dumb Netgear switch. ROCK, NAS, and UPnP Bridge connected to the switch. Wifi provided by 2 UniFi AC-Lite APs. It’s a 250MB Virgin fibre package.

I’ve binned the Nighthawk and switch and replaced them with a UniFi POE switch and Security Gateway. I’ve had zero dropouts since the change.

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Interesting I have the same same Netgear router and Virgin Hub3 in modem mode. Not had any roon issues though for playback. I am thinking of changing to the USG as I have a AC Pro AP which was so much more stable for wifi than the netgear. I have other issues no Roon related that I think are router related so this makes me think I should ditch the router.

And now I just bought one, along with their switch and another ap. Damn this thread, so weak.


Good to hear you resolved it. So that’s a complete Unifi network from Swich to AP - are there any other improvements within your network in addition to Qobuz streaming?

Ubiquiti Networks makes some of the best networking equipment out there. I replaced the WiFi from my internet provider with a Ubiquiti UAP Wi-Fi Access Point and now it much faster with no problems at all.