Unable to sync Roon ARC 2 with Roon Server on macOS (ref#3JSGNE)

Affected Product

Roon ARC

ARC Issue Category

Can’t sync with Roon Server

Description of Issue

Please help me get my settings set up. Tried suggestions online.

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

New Mac Mini with external Hard drive connected for testing- small amount if files 50gb

Connected Audio Devices

Lumin D3

Home Network Details

Google Mesh


You have the ConflictInMappingEntry error. Did you check these suggestions?


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Hi @christopher_wiege,

We’ve marked the above post as solution since some time has passed - if you’re still having issues here, we’re happy to support you. The thread will stay open for a few more days. If you encounter a problem after that, please create a new topic thread and we’ll engage there. Thanks!

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