Unable to sync to Tidal

Has something broken with Roon’s Tidal integration?
I upgraded to Roon 1.8 764 and have had no real issues for over a week, but today I’m unable to sync with Tidal.
My core is Mac Mini M1(2020)/MacOs Big Sur 11.2.2
Tidal is working fine with Audirvana and the Tidal app, so the issue appears to be Roon.

Roon shows logged into Tidal and syncing…but nothing shows up!
Screen Shot 2021-03-06 at 5.18.44 pm

I tried completely removing Roon and doing a fresh install/config - but no Tidal library.
The front Tidal page looks like below showing a network connection error.
As stated above there are no connection issues with Audirvana or the Tidal app, nor any other access to my broadband network.

Definitely something awry with Tidal. No problem playing stuff already in my library, but can’t search or browse anything new.

FWIW, I tried logging into Roon via my Windows 10 laptop - also running 1.8 v764 - no Tidal either, so nothing to do with what OS I’m using either.
What the hell happened??

Looks like I’ll have to hook up my old Mac Mini that was running 1.7 and hope that works.

Tried my old Roon 1.7 installation.
Only have access to Tidal titles in my library, can’t access anything new.
So apparently this issue is not limited to Roon 1.8.
Again, what the hell happened??
Has Tidal given Roon the flick because they’ve embraced Qobuz?

Tonight Roon is syncing again with Tidal and I have my Tidal library and playlists back. :grinning:
No changes to system settings or software - it just worked this time when I opened Roon and logged out and back in to Tidal.
Weird that it effected two different Roon versions, different OS and on 3 different computer installs - while Tidal app and Audirvana behaved normally.