Unable to Turn off Radio Mode

Roon Core Machine

Running Roon version 1.8 build 831 on OSX 11.6/Mac mini

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Logitech Transporter and several Squeezebox players all over ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

4,365 Albums, 57,563 tracks

Description of Issue

I’d like to turn off Radio mode on all my zones. The descriptions and screenshots I see for doing this from the Queue page don’t correlate with what I see. I don’t find a right panel or a way to show it. I also don’t see a link on the lower left for this as stated. Is it because I am running on OSX? Please provide instruction and/or screenshots that I can use to disable Radio Mode on my system. Many thanks!

Is the attached screen shot of your Queue?
If so, the way to turn Roon Radio off is to click on the button here (see screen shot):

It will change from a “yes” to “no”. You will need to do this for each zone.


Hey @Chet_Noll

We’re sorry that you had trouble with the Roon radio feature. This can easily be switched off.

As @bearFNF kindly advised, you can toggle off Roon Radio by clicking the button that he indicated in Red. If you would like for Roon Radio to only select material from you Roon Library you can click the ellipsis button to the right of the toggle button and turn on Limit Roon Radio to library :v:

Thanks for such a quick response! That was what I needed to see. I was looking right at it and didn’t understand that’s what I needed to toggle. Thanks again. I like the idea of Roon Radio, but haven’t understood how it determines what to play next. I thought it would select tracks of the same composer, performer, period, or even genre but it often wanders astray with the “jolt” people speak of. Is there a way for users to tweak how that works?

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