Unable to upload PDF Booklet

I just bought the Hi-res Hamilton soundtrack, which has a pdf booklet. I thought you could put the booklet in the folder with the music and see it in Roon, but that’s not happening. Am I doing it wrong?


Where do you want to view it? My experience with Android is that you need to have Kindle installed.
Also a rescan is necessary for Roon to detect the PDF.

Do you have the PDF link to the top right of the album review, like this?

No, that link isn’t there. I had simply placed the pdf in the folder as imported by Roon. Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks !

I want to see it in Roon. Forgive the ignorance; how do I do a rescan?

Edit: never mind; found it. I did a rescan, but did not see the pdf

Didn’t you used to use iTunes? There used to be a problem with PDFs in old iTunes related folders. Probably fixed now, but anyway, and if you do, try another folder just to check.

I’m no longer using iTunes. I placed the pdf directly in the Roon folder.

Weird. I tried it in 2 other random albums (Neil Young and Rosanne Cash). The Hamilton folder showed up there, but doesn’t show up if I try to place it in Hamilton!!!

Ok. Now what’s the difference between Cash and Hamilton folders?
Are they on different drives? Different watched folders?

Not a thing. The cash folder is under her name. The young folder was a roon import, imported by drag and drop recently. I cannot explain this. I imported Hamilton today the same way-drag folder of High res download into roon.

All folders on same watched drive which is a 5 tb hdd attached via usb to my NUC/ROCK

Weird. Are all the audio files in the Hamilton folder correctly showing up? Roon not stuck scanning? Nothing showing up in Settings > library > library maintenance?

Could you post a screenshot of the Hamilton folder with the PDF in it?

Yes, all are showing up. Here’s a shot (not showing all 46


I know it shouldn’t make a difference, but it has for users in the past…
Rename the PDF file to remove the leading underscore.

I liked your moxie, but no joy even after a rescan. I even named it “booklet”

Ok, I give up, sorry. Shall we pass it on to support?

Thank for your help. Yes, please.


Roon’s @support team will want some background information on your system. You can help them by using this link as a guide.

It may not be relevant here, but a full picture is always helpful, so describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

The folder name also starts with an _underscore…

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Not sure why that mattered, because I imported just as it had been downloaded from Qobuz. But changing the folder name did the trick.

It’s a side effect of Roon’s cross-platform functionality. It ignores ‘special’ folders for all OS’s. I had a disappearing album because the folder started with ‘…’

… in this case it looks like Roon is being inconsistent because it did pick up the tracks!

Devs might want to look at that.

Thanks @AndyR. A single underscore, not ._ should be OK (or so I thought, especially as album was scanned OK).

(@dylan will take note)

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