Unable to use iOS app to export files to another directory

Load the iOS App, choose an album, then select the export feature.

Next, export to a directory.

Does your iOS iPad App Crash?

I use this feature as part of my workflow for adding to my library. I use my CD Extracting Software (dBpowerAmp) to save to a Roon Watched Folder. When All the tracks are imported, I moved to a Roon Watched and Managed Folder.

Hi Bill,

Away from my iPad at the moment so can’t attempt to replicate immediately but will do that tonight. Are you running any kind of file manager app on the iOS device ?

Crashing is highly undesirable; if I can replicate this we’ll get a ticket opened to at least fail more elegantly.

As a side issue by “Roon Watched and Managed Folder” do you mean “Organised Folder” ? If so, you’re doing things the opposite way to me. I have sometimes ripped into an Organised Folder to let Roon set up a file structure with links to different artists and then moved the lot to a Watched Folder.

In general I’m happier having the library in a Watched Folder because it eliminates the risk of some glitch with an Organised Folder altering the file structure (particularly with the merge albums bug still lurking out there). I think the devs recommend using a Watched Folder rather than Organised Folders for your library in order to avoid that risk.

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No. I am not using a file manager app on my iPad.

re: File setting - well- I failed to see that recommendation in the user guide. Futher was not aware that there is a know issue.

In my experience the Organized setting has a better success rate in identifying the album.

How do I switch to the current, safe, recommended watched folders? Feel free to make a new thread and tag me.

Thanks a bunch! :smile:

This post by Brian set out some thoughts about Watched/Organised:

To convert an Organised folder to a Watched folder, follow the principles in this post being:

Backup your database
Disable the Organised Folder
Create the new Watched Folder

As you can see from the above post it is undesirable to have two active folders in your library with the same content. That may be less important where it is the same folder but disable/create is the preferred order of events.

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I am seeing the same when choosing an export folder. The iOS app crashes as soon as you hit the button to choose an export folder.

I wanted to use this feature to export several unidentified albums so I can have a look at the tags and why they are not identified.

I am only using the watched folder.

Yes I can replicate this. The iOS app crashes when I hit the “Browse” button. I suspect because there is no functionality for file management within iOS and it needs another app to handle that for it. If we can’t get the functionality it should at least fail more elegantly. I’ll open a bug ticket. Thanks guys.

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Hi Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that it looks unlikely that Export Files will be functional in iOS. I expect you’ve probably done the job you described on another machine, but wouldn’t want you to be left waiting if not.

Hi Andrew,

OK, thanks. Really appreciate the reply. I still have a second remote running on a PC so I can use this functionality there.

I only see one major issue, for roon server users (that not have multiple PC’s). I can imagine that users (like me) expect that all buttons, options, etc… in the iOS app will work on the server.

Maybe something for @brian to have a look at synchronizing all functionality across the various OS/program variants.

@andybob is right, this functionality has never existed on iOS and the button shouldn’t clickable. I’ve made the button insensitive now so people don’t run into this crash.

So what happens when users have a headless RoonServer, RoonReady Streamer, and Android/iOS Remote Control?

How would one manage their library with a Roon GUI?

There are lots of network file management apps for tablets or people can hang a screen off the server or RDP in.

No one ever used Export File on a tablet in Roon to manage their libraries. It’s never worked. This is removing an appendix not cutting off an arm.

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I’m disappointed. Thanks.

@andybob @Brian2 what is the difference between exporting selected tracks/albums by selecting them in the ios app and deleting them from your server? Deleting works, exporting not. Is that not also basically file management?

Is the difference in the fact that there is no destination folder available/choosable when exporting?

Would a fixed export folder for duplicates solve this instead of making a button not clickable? The latter just feels like a piece of duct tape to fix an issue.