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I noted, recently, that certain tracks in my queue or history now show a subscript: “Unavailable”.
These tracks are from albums that I have in my library, downloaded; there is no problem playing the same track from the album itself, just in “history” or queue. This is puzzling and inconvenient. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I get the same unavailable against history tracks for Tidal albums I add to my library, listen to them, then remove the album from my library.

Are the albums for those unavailable tracks still in your llibrary?

If I play a Tidal track without adding to library, then the unavailable does not show in history.

Would be nice to have unavailable NOT show under my first scenario as well.


Hello @Steven_Brooks and @David_Boyd,

Thanks a bunch for letting us know of what you’re seeing. We’re sorry for the trouble :sweat:

In our tests, the unavailable mention should only appear if the track is in fact unavailable…

I was wondering, could you please send us a screenshot of Settings → Storage, as well as screenshots of a few examples in history?

Thanks in advance :pray:

Rebeka: here’s the info requested. History shot shows three albums that I played from Tidal then removed from my library.

Hi @David_Boyd, since they were removed from your library this is why they’re showing unavailable. The in-library version that you played is no longer there, so it is shown as unavailable.

@dylan : but then why do I not see “unavailable” if I just play the tracks from Tidal without storing them in library. I assume there is a track ID that gets deleted within track’s history when Tidal album is removed from library; while, if Tidal album never loaded in library then that ID is retained with history.

Couldn’t Tidal track ID be retained after removal from library? Or is my concept of ID (or track link) incorrect?

Thanks, Dave